What is Clinical Trial Assist?

Clinical Trial Assist is a new service for GPs designed to:

  • provide timely updates on the latest clinical trials and research opportunities as they relate
    to each practice 

  • streamline the way patients are identified and referred for clinical trials and research

  • support improved medicines access and patient outcomes in Australia.

Why was Clinical Trial Assist developed?   

Patient recruitment has been identified as one of the largest barriers to completing clinical trials in Australia and internationally. Clinical trials are an essential part of developing and evaluating new interventions, testing new ways to use existing interventions and ultimately, improving treatment for people. Clinical Trial Assist was developed to support a better clinical trial process and the quality use of medicines in Australia.

How does Clinical Trial Assist work?

Clinical Trial Assist provides multiple options to help GPs identify and refer patients to the most relevant clinical trials and research:

  • Identification of eligible patients from general practice clinical information system queries.

  • De-identified patient data from the MedicineInsight general practice national dataset.

  • Assistance with patient eligibility review and recruitment referral processes via telephone and practice visits from our support staff.

Who is involved in Clinical Trial Assist?

Clinical Trial Assist is a collaboration of VentureWise, NPS MedicineWise, and Prospection and made possible by an initial grant from the not-for-profit organisation MTPConnect. The first trials using the Clinical Trial Assist service are being led by the University of New South Wales, the George Institute and the University of Sydney.

Why participate in Clinical Trial Assist?

Clinical Trial Assist presents a unique opportunity for GPs to play an important part in bringing a new model for clinical trial recruitment and research to life in Australia. 

The benefits of participating in Clinical Trial Assist include:

  • tailored information about the latest clinical trials that are most relevant to your practice and patients

  • streamlined patient identification and referral for clinical trials

  • increased patient access to pioneering medicines and medical tests

  • contribution to a stronger, more viable and internationally competitive clinical research community

  • CPD credits and remuneration for referrals where applicable

  • improved health and economic outcomes for Australians.

How do general practitioners participate in Clinical Trial Assist?

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